Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tempted by the Dark Side

For months, nay years, I resisted it but I have realised that was a futile attempt at preserving as much time as I possibly could for my knitting.

I have to admit it ... I have been tempted and have taken that first bite of the apple that is known as spinning.  I should probably here be saying that it was a mistake but I fear I can not.  It is fantastic.

I purchased a spindle starter kit and watched a few instructional videos on You Tube and was away.

I have created a masterpiece! 75 yards of loveliness ..  I have no idea what weight or WPI ... but who cares? I have created my very own yarn and am very proud if it.  Its pretty balanced (I gather that is good) now that it has been soaked and dried and as I sit here it is hanging majestically in my eye line and it fills me with"glad".

Of course in my usual obsessive manner I have now already picked out the spinning wheel that I SHALL have (Ladybug if you were wondering) and have signed up for a UK based fibre club.  I have plans to make a hand spun shawl from all natural coloured fibres and spend hours coveting all the beautiful fibres on the various indie dyer shops I find myself clicking on.

The joy of discovering a new passion and developing a new skill is wonderful and I am so glad that I was tempted to try it.

The only bad thing is that I have less time for knitting ......

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Knitting all the things for all the people

I used to be a one project gal ... that seems to have fallen by the wayside and and also seems to have happened without me noticing!

I now do not seem to be happy unless I have multiple projects on the go and have one for various different situations that I may find myself in; purse knitting, TV/podcast knitting, something to challenge or a new technique I want to try and of course the ever growing list of knitting for hire / gift knitting.

I love knitting for other people .. for years my knitting was secret, and I don't mean the secret projects here and there, I mean completely secret, for reasons I will not go into here, I hid my knitting away from public view .. thankfully I saw the error of my ways and have been encouraged by almost everyone since and when I am therefore asked to knit something specific by someone I see that as compliment that first they believe I will be able to complete the said project and also that they feel they know me well enough to ask me.  I knit all the time anyway and so I do not see it as an inconvenience to knit for others and if they are also paying for the materials (even if not my time) then that's a bonus as it actually saves me spending money on stash enhancement...!

I knit for the pure enjoyment of it and the pleasure is magnified if someone else appreciates it, I only have one friend who has specifically asked me not to knit her anything .... I don't see her very much anymore :)