Sunday, 2 March 2014

Snatched Moments

Well it's been a while, in fact I can't quite believe how long it is has been... time seems to be speeding up at the moment, although that could just be a symptom of me trying to fit as much as I can in to each day.

So in order to still get in my crafting fix I have been snatching moments here and there where I wouldn't usually, to try to get maybe an extra row on a pair of socks done.

One of these times is when I am having my breakfast before leaving for work, the lighter mornings always give me more energy and I have discovered that spending 10 minutes in a morning knitting on something simple like a sock somehow centres me and prepares me for the day ahead and is a much better way to start the day than rushing out of the door, breakfast half eaten and no time for coffee.

I have a few long term projects on the go and have been on a bit of a garment knitting spree since Christmas, which may be the reason why I have been feeling short of time as it is more difficult to see progress on a larger sweater / blanket that a pair of socks, but I have found that knitting a pieced garment can help with that as there are steps along the way that feel like semi finished objects.  This is one of the reasons I enjoyed knitting Halele'a by Mel Ski so much as it was pieced but with a clever and fun stitch detail added which made it interesting to knit.  

My Halele'a was knit in some now discontinued Patons 4 ply yarn in a baby blue colour that is a little lighter than the photo shows. I love the vintage look of the yarn and think that this fits very well with this tailored cardigan that reminded me of some of the patterns I remember my mom and grandma looking through when I was a very young girl!

The buttons were from my local yarn store - Sitting Knitting which is literally a 5 minute walk away from my house, they are shell type with a pretty daisy design and I love them!! It is a comfort knowing I have such a lovely yarn store so close that I can nip to in those emergency situations when all my needles are taken up with projects and I just have to cast on something new :)

On a personal level my knee has mostly recovered from the surgery in mid January, although at the moment it is no better than before, but I am hoping to see some improvement over the next couple of months.  In the past couple of weeks, I have also learnt that I need a hip operation which is scheduled for early April (thankfully not the 1st!).  This operation will see me out of action for a few weeks on crutches, unable to drive and get to work ...  thank goodness I have will plenty to keep my mind and hands occupied whilst I recuperate!!!

Until next time, I hope you are finding those precious minutes, sometimes only seconds, in which to indulge in your passions.