Sunday, 23 September 2012

episode 18 - Make Tea not War

Hi there folks, this week is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the Podcast... I had a rough week this past week with the passing of my beautiful cat Topaz ... and am still a bit out of sorts as you will see..

This weeks episode also has a plea from me to be nice to one another... I'm not putting all my project notes here this week, if you see something and you want to know more email me or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

There are some pictures at the end of the podcast of my beautiful kitty Topaz and to be honest I completely lost it when I was compiling the ending .. but I wanted a little tribute to her in the podcast so I hope you like it.

Hope the next two weeks bring peace and happiness to you all.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Episode 17 - Organised

Well its been two weeks and its looking like this will become a bi-weekly podcast with the odd 'surprise' weekly episode.

The group is up to 137 members and this week I make the drawing for the August Lols thready, but you will have to watch to see whether it is you or not :)

Some Chatter about what has been occupying me in the past couple of weeks.

Nattering Away

No work on the evenstar-shawl in 3.25 mm needles in Duchess of Lace / Dusk from CountessAblaze

I have worked on my spectra on 3mm needles out of two regia sock yarn and am up to 57 wedges.  i talk about the technique I use for the short rows / wraps and turns and link 1 andLink 2 on some videos on You Tube for this.

Girly Log Cabin is getting some love as I need to get this finished.

Newly cast on a pair of socks with yarn from TwistedLimoneDesigns tangy self striping sock yarn in the Paris in Spring colourway

Laughing out Loud

28s-big-sister-77 on 4.00mm needles out of Araucania Botony of Lace

Tongue Twister the falkland top in the foxglove colourway from ButterflybushYarns is finally soaked and skeined - I got 280 yards and I would says it a light DK

Speech Therapy 
I have club shipment from hilltopcloud fibre club and also some fabric I got on offer from a local department store.

See you soon and have a great time :)