Friday, 27 April 2012

Welcome Layla!

The day I have been waiting for for what seems like weeks finally arrived when there was a knock at the door at 7.30am on Thursday and there was THE box

What a tease when I had to leave for work but at least it had finally arrived safely :)

So after a day spent trying to concentrate on very important things (mostly unsuccessfully) I finally went home to assemble and commence my new addiction.  The assembly was pretty easy, except for the minor panic over a "small peg" which seems to be missing from my wheel, until I realised I have a new model Ladybug but the instructions still refer to the old model, so one phone call and an email later I was sent the new instructions and calmed down to complete the task ....... and she is beautiful.

So I would like you to all meet Layla the Ladybug....

I hope to have many happy hours with her and my only challenge I think will be prising my 7 year old son away as he seems to be spending more time with her and advancing his previously non existent spinning skills quicker than me!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shall I... Shan't I.....

I have a dilema....

I love knitting .. I love talking about knitting ... I love hearing about knitting .... (oh and for knitting read anything fibre related :) ) I love reading about knitting .. I even dream about knitting ... but recently I have had a little idea that just wont go away.

I watch and listen to a lot of knitting related podcasts and really enjoy them, I am on various social media sites and interact with knitting peeps and that gives me my fix of hearing about knitting .. but the main thing missing is my talking to people (who are interested) about what I am doing.  I do not have a local knitting group, work full time, have a demanding 7 year old (aren't they all) and so do not get to share much of my stuff with people other than through the project page on Ravelry, the odd plurk or tweet,  or the well trained dutiful nod I get from the boyf in response to my holding something up saying "look at this".

So where is all this rambling going ... well, I have for a while, in a very small corner of my mind, been thinking about starting a video podcast and this little thought just will not go away.  I have tried to bury it honestly but it keeps rearing its little head.  This brings to me a number of horrifying thoughts:

1.  I am RUBBISH with technology and not even sure how to do this without it being a shambles
2.  I am not sure that the world needs another knitting podcast
3.  I am not sure I have anything new or exciting to add to the wonderful podcasters that already do a great job
4.  I admit I'm a little bit scared by the prospect...

So I thought that I would put this out there and see what people thought.... I could end up talking to myself but hey .. what's new in that?

So if you want to scream "please no more podcasts I can't keep up with the ones I watch!" feel free but on the other hand if you would like to hear from a knitter in the middle of England then let me know what you think ....