Welcome Layla!

The day I have been waiting for for what seems like weeks finally arrived when there was a knock at the door at 7.30am on Thursday and there was THE box

What a tease when I had to leave for work but at least it had finally arrived safely :)

So after a day spent trying to concentrate on very important things (mostly unsuccessfully) I finally went home to assemble and commence my new addiction.  The assembly was pretty easy, except for the minor panic over a "small peg" which seems to be missing from my wheel, until I realised I have a new model Ladybug but the instructions still refer to the old model, so one phone call and an email later I was sent the new instructions and calmed down to complete the task ....... and she is beautiful.

So I would like you to all meet Layla the Ladybug....

I hope to have many happy hours with her and my only challenge I think will be prising my 7 year old son away as he seems to be spending more time with her and advancing his previously non existent spinning skills quicker than me!


  1. & very beautiful she is too :-) Looking forward to seeing all the yummy yarn you produce with her.

  2. Congrats on the lovely new wheel! Isn't amazing how quickly kids pick up on things. I think it's because their brains aren't stuffed full of years of commercial jingles. LOL

  3. My LYS has ordered a Ladybug for me, won't get til the end of May, but I can't wait:-)

  4. Love Layla! I'm thinking of getting one two I just have to make the plunge. Can't wait to see all the yummiest yarns!


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