Episode 44 - A little Late

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast.

If you are on Ravelry and looking for me there I am knittynatterzena and I am on Twitter and Plurk as knittynatter

There is a group on ravelry knittynatter-podcast and it would be great if you came and joined.  Every month there is a finished projects thread and one random generated winner gets their choice of either a pattern on ravelry up to the value of $7 or a set of my hand made stitch markers and you can go over to the etsy store knittynatter to choice a set from there.

This week's episode is a little late I am recording on Monday. We have a long weekend in the UK as its spring bank holiday and we took a day trip to London on Saturday which was brilliant.  We went to The Natural History Museum, Whitehall, Westminster, Covent Garden, took a river taxi on the Thames to the Tower of London where we saw the Crown Jewels and the famous Ravens.  The weather has thankfully improved a little this weekend and it was at least dry and and relatively warm although it is due to turn chilly again from tomorrow!!

I have three LOLS to share with you this week

I finished the Summery Sweet Socks which are vanilla socks on a 2.25mm needles and 60 stitches around.  The yarn is Opal Sweet and Spicy sock yarn.  I just had a couple of rows left and the bind off so there finished right after I recorded last week.

I also finished the spring shoots sock by Alice Yu out of the Socktopus Book.  Yarn is the Boardwalk Roses from highlandhandmades sugar maple sock base and these were on 2.5m needles.  I modified hte pattern to add a 3x1 rib cuff rather than the applied cuff in the pattern.

A new cast on and now a LOL was Claude the Closet Monster which is out of The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger.  This was out of my handspun from Butterfly Bush Yarns in Robot Colourway.  I used 3.25mm needles and it took around 100 yards.  I have entered this into the Stash Dash 2013 with The Knit Girllls.

Nattering Away
Some more progress on the the lady edith by the sadly missed Karrie Steinmetz (knitpurlgurl) and this will be a KAL with the knittingden podcast for May in memory of Karrie.  This pattern was very kindly given to me as a gift on a RAP Tuesday by Keli who is SheepDreamery of the Sheepdreamery Podcast and she also dyes beautiful yarn which you can find in her etsy store.
I am using araucania Botany lace out of my stash which is 450 yards of fingering weight and 4.00mm needle.

A new cast on is the Trillian by Martina Bham.  I am using so stash yarn from At Knits End who is sadly no linger dying but this is a lovely mix of blues and pinks in the Moondance with Ewe Colourway. I cast this on in an effort to regain my mojo which left me for a couple of days this week and was a feeling I did not enjoy!  This is for a Bhemalong with Wolfe Farms and LemKnitCrochet podcasts. I am loving this pattern, I enjoy the simplicity and the colours of the yarn

I haven't started spinning anything new yet and in terms of whispering to me, I will cast on a pait of socks and probable another cardigan soon.  I have jumped in on stashdash in the hope that it will give me an incentive to finish up the evenstar as I will be able  to count the yardage on that which would give me a big boost!
No purchases this week and so that's all for this week's update, so I hope you have a fantastic week and I will see you soon, bye now.


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