Episode 47 - Still here ....

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast.

If you are on Ravelry and looking for me there I am knittynatterzena and I am on Twitter and Plurk and also Instagram as knittynatter

There is a group on ravelry knittynatter-podcast and it would be great if you came and joined.  Every month there is a finished projects thread and one random generated winner gets their choice of either a pattern on ravelry up to the value of $7 or a set of my hand made stitch markers and you can go over to the etsy store knittynatter to choice a set from there.

You may have heard from other podcasts that blip is going through a process of reviewing the content of the site and are removing those "shows" that do not fit with the profile they are looking for.  Some other podcasts have already been removed.. I have not has any notification as yet so I will continue to post to blip for the time being.  I am looking at other option but need something low cost so may have to go with you tube for the short term if I get kicked off blip until I can figure out an alternative.

If the podcast does not appear on itunes when you expect it to then check the group or here as it may be I have been deleted by blip and the podcast is being posted elsewhere.

That said over the summer I am switching to recording every other week as life takes over.

Thank you to everybody that provided me with feedback on the podcast it is all appreciated and very welcomed

I cast on and finished the Drizzle by Mel Ski which is a paid for pattern on Ravelry.
I love this knit it was simple and quick and will probably feature highly on my Christmas knitting.  i used Rowan Dk yarn (merino silk blend) which is so soft and lovely.

Nattering away
I made good progress on the In the Pink by Izzyknits which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I am using Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in the Denim colourway and am now on the knitted on border after spending a long while figuring out the joining together of the different pieces!!  This is being knit on size 4.00mm needles.

Worked a little bit more on the splitty socks which are my standard 60 stitch sock on 2.25mm needles.

The baby jacket nor the  evenstar-shawl saw any love.

New cast on is the anais by Kim Hargreaves out of the Misty book.  This is instead of the Sage which I realised I did not have enough yarn for!  I am using Rowan Milk Cotton DK int he Apple Pips Colourway and 3.25mm needles.

Tongue Twister
On the wheel is some SW BFL from hill top cloud int he fling colourway.  I am on the first half and hope to get 300 yards plus of a 2 ply.

Whispering to me / Speech Therapy
Dark Passenger by Deborah Frank was released this week and grabbed my attention and went straight to the top of my queue, inspired by Dexter it's a must for me to knit.  I needed some yarn to go with this so bought some Deeply Wicked from www.easyknits.co.uk in the Cruel Intentions colourway.

I also received my package from http://www.knittersnightmare.com in the You Look Better on Facebook colourway, Batty sock base (80% merino 20% nylon)

That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great couple of weeks, and see you soon.

Bye now :)


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