Episode 52 - It's up when it's up

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast.

If you are on Ravelry and looking for me there I am knittynatterzena and I am on Twitter and Plurk and also Instagram as knittynatter

There is a group on ravelry knittynatter-podcast and it would be great if you came and joined.  Every month there is a finished projects thread and one random generated winner gets their choice of either a pattern on ravelry up to the value of $7 or a set of my hand made stitch markers and you can go over to the etsy store knittynatter to choose a set from there.

This week we have the drawings for the LOL for August and also the drawing for A Little Help from my Friends by Alison Ziegler (ATexasYarn) where half of the $5 purchase price is being donated to bladder cancer advocacy network

Zuzu's Petals by Carina Spencer out of my handspun Loop bump in the kaleidoscope eyes colour way.  I did the larger stitch count even though my yarn is DK / Worsted as I wanted to use as much of the 336 yards as possible. I used all the colours except for the black on 5.00mm needles and loving the sparkle!!

Nattering away
Two new projects this week ...

I started babbling by Sierra Anderson out of Rowan Cotton Yarn in Salsa colour.  i am using 4.00mm needles for the main body and this is also a knit together with Mel in singlehandedknits group so go ahead and check out that group for more details.

I also started a shawl, the Jete by Michelle Miller which is available through the KnitPicks website.  I am using The Natural Dye Studio BFL sock yarn in the Wisteria colour.

I also completed a few more crocheted square for the babette blanket and I am using 9 colours from Bergere de France Ideal on a 3.5m hook.

Whispering to me
More Sweaters!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic couple of weeks and I'll see you soon,

Bye now :)


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