A Change in Direction

It's Sunday evening and I have spent too many hours today recording and then trying to upload a video to restart the podcast (Season 2 no less!) with a different hosting site.... needless to say it didn't work as well as I thought it would and so I started the process of looking into other alternatives (again!) and came up with the same result, if I want to continue podcasting it is going to cost ....... alot.........

I always wanted the podcast to be my way of sharing with you my projects and thoughts on my crafting life and it was meant to be fun and enjoyable.... the past couple of months, with losing the ability to host my podcast on blip and trying now three different alternatives, I admit have not been fun and enjoyable, and while I am willing to fund the podcast to some extent I will only do that for a seamless and hassle free solution.... it's fair to say I haven't yet found that and so today I have finally listened to whatever the Universe is trying to tell me and decided to stop spending hours, getting more and more frustrated and feeling more and more technically incompetent in trying to do something that right now I am clearly not meant to be focusing my energies on.

Then I had a thought (dangerous I know) which is refreshing in it's simplicity and exciting in that it will enable me to continue to share with you whilst also enabling me to do more of what I enjoy (less hours tearing my hair out in front of the PC) and also enable me to develop one of my other loves more - WRITING!!!

I was never a blogger, the blog was set up as a means to host the podcast and show notes etc, so in a way I missed out on my right of passage with blogging and I guess I went straight to the destination (without passing Go!), but the more I think about it the more I like the idea of pouring out my thoughts and projects in words and pictures through this medium, and so from this day forward I will consider myself as a blogger, no more saving things until I record, gathering all of my weekly progress, acquisitions and future projects to cram them into a 30 minute recording and then remembering something I really wanted to say once the podcast was live!!

I am not setting any guidelines for the blog, in terms of how frequently I will write, other than to say it will be when I have something to share, that may be a finished project, it may be a new purchase or it may be simply because I want to connect with the keyboard and formalise or organise my sometimes hectic thoughts and plans.

I hope that you will continue to follow the blog and if you do not already, please do so to ensure you do not miss out on any of my musings.
The blog will be a work in progress and there maybe some changes to its appearance and layout but the content will always be me, I'm just sitting here typing and talking to you through the keyboard rather than at a camera.....


  1. So sad not to see your smiling face + hear your lovely words spoken, but I'm glad that you aren't abandoning sharing with us completely. Much love sweetie!

  2. I feel your pain! I've been wrestling with technology too. You'd think I was some numpty with no clue, but I'm completely baffled by iTunes. So until I have a blinding flash of inspiration, I'm going to muddle through and write my blog with a podcast attachment. While it's not ideal, it's the best I can come up with right now and it's stopped me digesting my own innards with the stress and frustration!
    My knitting is benefiting too. No more do I spend hours staring at screen hoping the answer will miraculously appear! instead I'm wandering through the internet looking at what everyone else is up to while my needles fly through the 4th pair of socks this year and I'm thoroughly enjoying each and every stitch.

    Hope your knee continues to improve. Do what your told!

  3. I'm sorry my inspiration didn't work out for you, but I am so very happy you have settled on a solution that will work for you. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  4. It will be lovely to follow you and your knitting projects through a blog - kind of the "old fashioned way". Thanks for not giving up and how smart to accept the limitations and find a workaround that you are happy with!


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