Episode 1 - Here I Am!

Ok sorry folks but a few technical hitches mean that I am unable to put the episode directly here but it is up on blip and here is the link (below) and I have submitted to itunes for approval so hopefully will be available there shortly.

Show notes and links below as promised.

Please let me know any comments or feedback and it would be great to see you join the ravelry group.

Episode 1 - Here I Am!

So I decided to give it a go .. so here I am!
Thank you so much for stopping buy and watching.. I welcome any feedback here or over on Ravelry
Links below for things I have mentioned this week

Chatter - Ravelery - knittynatterzena
               Ravelry Group - knittynatter podcast
               Plurk & Twitter - knittynatter

Nattering away - Grandma's Favourite Dishcloth - Sirdar Summer Stripe Yarn
                            Hitchhiker - Yarn to knit
                            Stripe Study Shawl - Lamington Lass Yarns
                            Little Lads Birthday Socks - Easyknits.co.uk

Laughing out Loud - 2 finished discloths

Whispering to me - Evenstar Shawl
                               Countess Ablaze

Speech Therapy - Twisted Limone

Thank you - Cairngorm Bags


  1. I'm so glad to see that you've taken the plunge into video podcasting! You are lovely to listen to, and I greatly look forward to more episodes.


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