Episode 3 - Taking the Plunge!

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Nattering Away - Twisted Limone Socks on 2.25mm 2 circular needles in Twisted Limone Designs tangy self striping sock yarn - Oriental Blossom colourway - 60 stitches around with afterthought heel.

Thankful for Stripes Stripe Study Shawls  on 4.0mm needle in Lamington Lass sock yarn in Rookie colourway and Fibernymph Dyeworks bounce base in the Depression Glass Pink colourway

Taking the PlungeEvenstar Shawl on 3.25mm needles in Countess Ablaze Duchess of Lace BFL in the Dusk colourway

Laughing out Loud - Hitchhiker on 3.00mm needles in Yarn to Knit February 2012 sock club

Tongue Twister - bare Teeswater Fibre from Hill Top Cloud

Whispering to Me  - Spectra in regia Sock Yarn

Speech Therapy - Butterflybush Yarns 100% Falkland wool Fibre 4oz in Foxglove colourway
size 8 beads from Spellbound Beads

Thank You
Thank you for the shout outs from
Mayamoonie from the moonieknits podcast
CaffeinatedGert from the caffeinatedknitting podcast
Denise / knittingden from the The KnittingDen Podcast
muffinmegnme from the muffinmegnme-knits podcast

Clare from the studentknits podcast for the very kind gift of the Color Affection Shawl


  1. A another great podcast :)
    I'd love to hear about your stitch markers!


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