Episode 29 - Back to it

Hello and welcome to this week's episode, today is Sunday 3rd February 2013 and this is Episode 29

If you are looking for me on Ravelry I am knittynatterzena and the group is knittynatter podcast group where have a monthly share you Lols thread to enter all of your finished objects whether they be knitting, crochet, spinning, etc.

We have a drawing this week for the January Share Your LoLs thread

This week the OH was working til 10.30pm all week which meant I have a fair amount of progress to show you :) Alos I have been joining VKNs on a Tuesday night with Charminglochie, Kelly has to change the nights of her VKN and Tuesdays suit me so I intend to still be around for Tuesday nights VKN and will probably start one up if there is not one already running.  That said I have been informed I have plans for this coming Tuesday evening so wont be around to VKN this week.

After a light week last week I have three LOLs this week.

New Year Firework Socks in Twisted Limone are done.  2.25mm DPNs.  These socks are my standard 60 stitched around and I am pretty pleased with the close match.

Tunisian Snuggle is finished. This is a small snuggle for the FAL KAL with Sadie of the Yarnivore Podcast.   This is 60 stitches across and completed in simple stitch.  Acrylic yarn from stash.

The sunrise socks by WendyKnits which a free pattern on Ravelry which is found on her blog.  These are valentine socks in the Tainted Love colourway from Gemini Knits, and I knit the size M which is 66 stitches on 2.25mm needle.  I am really pleased with this simple yet effective pattern and love the way that it almost looks like 'v's or hearts on the sock.

Nattering Away
The rest of what I have worked on this week.

The Ripple Crochet Blanket has seen a little bit of progress, I finished the gold section, and then the 3 row white section and am about 4 rows into the red section.  I am using a size 5.0mm hook and the yarn is a mix of  Sirdar Snuggly DK and Patons DK. There are more detailed notes on the pattern on my project page for the blanket here

I completed one more square / diamond for the Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang (the pattern is free on her blog ).  2.25mm needles and this square is another one in the Twisted Limone yarn from my Firework socks.

I managed to get a little more progress on Ink by Hanna Maciejewska ($6 pattern of Ravelry) and this was given to me as a Birthday Gift by LittleRiaHen.  I am using Rowan pure wool 4 ply which is a superwash wool and the colour is sage.  I am using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles which is one size higher than the recommended on the pattern and I am knitting the 34' size.  I did another two or three pattern repeats whilst increasing for the raglan arms. Still a fair way (4 pattern repeats) to go until I can separate for the sleeves but I have the pattern memorised now and this feels as though the progress will speed up a little even though the number of stitched is increasing.

I started the color affection with artesano 100% alpaca 4 ply in Argentina, Colombia and Forget me Not.  4.00mm needles and I have just started the first striped section and added in the second colour.

Tongue Twister
I have been spinning this week. I have just finished plying some fibre from Hill Top Cloud.  50% BFL, 40% Merino and 10% seacell.  Colourway is Estuary and this was from the fibre club I was in early last year.  I have not measured this yet but I am guessing about 200 yards.

Whispering to Me
I intend to knit another For Good Hat as a gift for my friend who is supporting me this week.  I have the yarn, Rowan Creative Foces Worsted.

Fibre whispering to me for next on the wheel is http://gnomeacres.com/ Zombie Flannel which is Polwarth / Silk 85% / 15%.

Speech Therapy
I got yummies this week.

Yarn Vs Zombies - 'Not Drifting, Waiting" in Vampire Base and this is the first sparkle yarn I have ever owned.

Trailing Clouds 'Mind the Gap' based on the tube map colours, this is for a Christmas gift for socks for SIL who lives in London.

I won with Student Knits podcast a skein of her specially dyed yarn from Countess Ablaze (not linked as it is closed at the moment due to illness.  This is for a KAL through February and March and I will probably do a shawl as it is merino/ nylon / cashmere.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll see you next time

Bye Now


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