Episode 56 - Drawings and Organisation

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast.

itunes is all up and running now but you will need to resubscribe to the new feed which starts with episode 55.

There are lots of drawings to do and so I went ahead and did these before I started recording.

I have been contacted by ATexasYarn who is Alison with the sad news that Betty sadly lost her battle with bladder cancer and passed away on 31st October.  In honour of Betty Alison is increasing the amount of the pattern price that is donated to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network from $2.50 to $3.50 which is around 75% of the price, through to July 7th 2014 which is Betty's birthday.

Chatter: Its been the usual bust couple of weeks here and I have some exciting developments in that I have begun working on my first design.  The prototype is complete and the pattern is currently being test knit by Charminglochie (Kelly) and hopefully Mel from the Single Handed Knits podcast and I hope to have the pattern finished and ready by mid November.  It will be a paid for pattern.

I also spent some time sorting the craft room out and went though all my stash.  I weighed all my left over sock skeins and labelled them so I know how much I have left and plan to start using some of these up on smaller projects.

LOLs - nothing to see here....

Nattering Away
Goodale is still on the needles, I am using an old Patons superwash Merino yarn and size 4mm needles

Also in the needles is a pair of vanilla socks in the stars and stripes yarn I purchased a few weeks ago from knitpurlgurl on etsy.  I am using 2.25mm needles and 64 stitches.  I will do a true afterthought heel. These are for a Christmas gift.

Also while clearing out the craft room I rediscovered a long standing hibernating project which I am now going to finish.  It is a reversable Cinderella doll from Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Special Booklet.  I was so close to finishing it seems silly not to and this will also be a Christmas gift.

Tongue Twister
I have been trying out my spindle I bought at the Bakewell Wool Gathering, and I am spinning some fibre from hilltopcloud on etsy and this is BFL, Merino and Bamboo in the Sunflower colourway.

I have not made any purchases but have spent some time sorting my queue on Ravelry out.

Thats all for this week, see you soon

Bye now :)


  1. Try as I might the last 3 episodes all play the same video. I've tried iTunes, the blog and podbean. Technical wizardry is not my strong point, but I'm stumped

    Great news about your engagement! bling!!!



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