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Hi there,

So it's been a while since I last blogged and as you can see I have decided to have an overhaul of the blog to follow my recent userrname change and also to broaden out the content as I am finding myself partaking in a number of different crafts and not just knitting.  I previously felt a little restricted with the former title but I wanted to allow myself the freedom to write and share with you what was current whether it be knitting or any other craft.  So the new title I feel gives me the freedom to share everything I am crafting without the fear that I am not doing what it says on the tin!!

I have had a fair amount of time recently to indulge in various crafts as I have been recovery from surgery and therefore have been forced to spend most of the time, sitting and resting and allowing my body to recover in peace and quiet without me expecting too much of it... I have found this surprisingly hard as the choice has been taken away from me although I have tried to embrace the time and have been putting it to good use in finishing some older projects and spending time re-learning things I have not done for a while.

One of these has been cross-stitch.  This is not something I have done a great deal of and I have a couple of kits that I have yet to start but when I saw the 2014 Once Upon A Time Sample from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery on Instagram I was more than tempted.  Now, I was late purchasing the pattern and then waiting for the materials to arrive that I managed to source in the UK I knew I was going to be behind on this from the outset, and after years of watching my mother complete large cross-stitch projects I was also well aware of the patience and time that this project would take.  My aim is to complete within 2014 but my attention will easily be distracted and so I am more likely to work on this in concentrated spurts rather than gradually throughout the year.

This is my progress so far .....

So back to some of the projects I have been working on finishing... there have been socks ....

None of these socks were for me!! They were all gifts and for different people, they were all a basic vanilla sock however with either afterthought heels or the Fish Lips Kiss Heel which I can highly recommend and a fantastic short row heel that fits really well.

There have also been sweaters finished ....

The one on the left is Hana Hou  by Mel Ski knit in Debbie Bliss, Baby Cashmerino in Mallard which knits up as a sport weight and the one on the right is the Goodale by Cecily Glowik Macdonald for which I used very old stash DK weight Patons yarn which has long since been discontinued.

I have also been spindle spinning and tried punis for the first time, there were a lovely mix of baby camel and silk from EllysKnitInSanity on Etsy...

The finished yarn is roughly a laceweight and measures around 187 yards which I was delighted with from a total of 40g of fibre.

There has also a been some tatting ..... although I will not show the project as that is part of Camp Aloha Friends which I am excited to be a part of with Mel. Check out her website for all of the details and how you can be a part of it.

Even my son has been doing some crafting and he made me this delightfully fun band loom bracelet

I still have plenty on the needles and the following show you a hint of some of these although I will cover these in later posts :)

I have a little recovery time before I return to work and I intend to make the most of it in immersing myself in my favourite crafts...

Catch up with you soon :)

ps if you have any questions on anything I have covered please left a comment here or PM me on Ravelry .. I am littleyellowuke over there too :)


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