Past, Present & Future

I hope this post finds you all well. 

I have been keeping my hands very busy these past few weeks as you saw in the last post. Today I began another project and this time crochet. 
I have crocheted toys and blankets in the past and enjoyed it a great deal but I was always fascinated by the small delicate crochet seen in doilies. This has been encouraged with my recent tatting practice and also the vintage tablecloths I have been gradually buying up over the past couple of months for a very special use in the future ...

So today I finally took the plunge and after sourcing some No 20 crochet cotton thread and a 1.3mm crochet hook ( well, in actual fact I bought a set that run from 0.6mm through to 6.5mm but who is counting eh? ) I favourited a few patterns on Ravelry and opted for one that looked to be fairly straight forward and repetitive and not too intricate .. this is my progress so far ...

I think that my tension is not quite right and could probably do with being a bit tighter and I suspect that this will need to be pinned out to even out the crochet stitches but I have to say I am really enjoying this project and am pleased with my progress so far. 
I am drawn to most things retro and vintage and there is something very calming but also utterly inspiring in making something that has been done by generations that have gone before and makes me feel somehow connected to my heritage as a crafter.  I am as keen as the next person to learn new things and new ways of doing things but it makes it extra special when although it may be a new challenge for me personally it is also a time honoured craft and I hope by my learning and rekindling this I can continue the legacy of beautiful handmade items filling our homes and hearts with joy ....

Enjoy whatever it is you are crafting today :) 


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